How many types of catfish are there in the world?

There are 40 types of catfish families on the planet and above 3000 catfish species which exist. Out of those 40 types, just 39 are still living and 1 specifically Andinichthyidae Catfish Species have gone extinct.

Catfish is a really typical fish, bottom feeders which typically consume algae even though different kinds of catfish are exceptional to grab. If you’re seriously interested in grabbing them you definitely require the best catfish bait and the ideal angling abilities. Additionally, don’t hesitate to have a look at a number of specialist catfish fishing tips. A lot of men and women love fried shellfish, particularly in the southwest. While all the forms of catfish contains boneswhen washed correctly, they create a wonderful meal. We wanted to supply some information concerning the a variety of catfish which the majority of people fish for, that can be contained within this list.

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Types Of Catfish

Blue Catfish

Next on our list for types of catfish is your Blue Catfish, that will be blue in colour and has a forked tail. This fish resembles the Channel Catfish since it also contains stains. This sort of catfish favors to remain in huge rivers and in the summertime whilst searching for cool oceans, they frequently swim upstream. But during winter while they hunt for warm watersthey move .

When full grown, the Blue Catfish reaches 24 inches with a most attaining weight of 40 pounds though records reveal a few Blue Catfish of 100 lbs and more. This specific fish is generally found around the Mississippi River, in addition to Ohio, Missouri, Texas, as well as into Mexico.

Channel Catfish

The very first of the sorts of catfish is referred to as the Channel Catfish, which is simple to differentiate among other types due to the exceptional spots. This specific catfish can be an olive-brown colour or a slate blue with intriguing black on either side.

Ordinarily, Channel Catfish reside in massive streams which have slow-moving water and most commonly seen in the southern portion of Canada and throughout North America. When fully grown, this fish could quickly reach up of 12 inches .

Flathead Catfish

Unlike the other forms of catfish, the Flathead Catfish has its name due to its flattened head. The tail is exceptional with a small notch rather than being forked.

Finding these kinds of catfish reaching over 50 lbs and even around 100 pounds are common.

Yellow Bullhead

The final of these fish we would like to mention the kinds of catfish is that the Yellow Bullhead. This catfish is light yellowish to a olive green colour and several are mottled. Rather than a forked or notched tail, then it’s normally rounded. Normally, this fish is found all around the eastern and central portion of the USA.

Texas is famous for having some of the greatest sorts of catfish and even though there are Yellowhead Catfish in that nation, they’re much less abundant as the others. Of all sorts of catfish, this is among the smaller kinds but nevertheless a fun fish to catch and eat or just grab and release.

Definitive Guide to Fishing for Catfish

Here is what you want to know to create your very first catfish catch.

Where and when to Fish

Catfish are resident in several bodies of water out of swift moving rivers into shallow ponds. For daylight angling, hunt for catfish kinds in muddy areas such as tributaries and their outflow. Drop-off basins, river bends, humps, and heavy pockets will also be excellent catfish fishing areas.

Catfish use their strong ability to taste and smell to locate food at night, therefore weed-ridden locations, bars, apartments, shorelines, and things are great areas to locate catfish.

The Gear You Will Need

You won’t have to weigh yourself down with surplus equipment to go catfish fishing. Here is the standard equipment you’ll need before you embark on your excursion:

  • 2 – #6 treble hooks
  • I/0 into 3/0 lure or ring hooks
  • 0.5 into 2-ounce egg sinkers
  • Bobbers, jig heads, beads, and divide shots
  • 7 to 10 swivels
  • Minnows or worms, synthetic lure, or cut-bait
  • Lip-grip or web to land your catch
  • Long-nosed pliers to disengage hooks
  • A pole holder (either shore-style or vessel mode will do)
  • A moderate weight spinning pole 6 to 7 ft in length using a spooled reel comprising 14 pound or longer monofilament.  More seasoned fishers may favor having a baitcasting reel.
  • Catfishing Strategies
  • Among the most frequently used catfish fishing hints would be to leverage a slip-sinker rig by pruning and pruning a sinker in your mainline. You are able to use the rig at the ground or haul it on the ground. More seasoned fishers may favor having a baitcasting reel.

Some of the most popular catfishing techniques would be to utilize a level rig by placing a float across the weight in your own slip-sinker rig to drag the lure throughout the crab habitat. You might also use a jig head with lure on the trick to lure the catfish by lifting and dropping the jig across the ground.


As a newcomer catfish angler, understand that catfish may occasionally bite quickly and difficult, while other times they will play with your lure initially. If you are ever unsure, simply put your hook. You might also feed on the line when the catfish are nibbling around so that they wont feel the tug. When the catfish strikes the line completely, you may place your own hook.

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