Best Paddle Boards For Dogs

A lot of SUP enthusiast finally decides it is time to deliver their furry friend in a meeting together. They would like to take their dog out to the paddle board, but many are uncertain when their SUP will operate nicely with their puppy.

That is where we come in! After testing out a number of the greatest paddle boards for puppies, we have discovered the best SUPs for pups.

These boards make it easy to paddle around with your pet while providing great distance and perfect balance – that is particularly important when your puppy jumps in. And allow me to tell you, he is likely going to jump!

Top 10 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Dogs Review

Traveling with your pet could be an enjoyable and enjoyable experience. If you’re planning to choose your very best friend beside you about the water, then you can think about the next finest inflatable sup boards for puppies. They are secure, simple to use, and give your dog a wonderful spot to stand. Have a look at their testimonials here to help you determine the perfect one.

1. ISLE 11′ Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board

In reality, it’s the ideal board we have discovered for paddle boarding with puppies without costing too much.

Featuring military-grade PVC plus also a 6″ thick arrangement, it is nearly impossible to ding or hurt this terrible boy. Additionally, the plank is remarkably stable and spacious. Your furry friend will not have a difficulty enjoying some time around the water using the ISLE 11′ Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board.

Reason to Purchase: Greatest overall dog paddleboard, particularly at such a fantastic price!

2. Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board – Oversize Mat For Doubles, Yoga & Dogs

If you’re searching for among the greatest paddle boards for dogs, especially large dogs, then the Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board is right for you. Additionally, the board is a terrific value at the purchase price. What else do we totally adore about this SUP? The oversize mat!

Not a lot of boards feature this type of huge mat area. This means that your dog will have the ability to roam freely throughout the entire board – even in the event that you’ve got a huge dog. Additionally, this board is extremely sturdy, since it could hold up to almost 400 pounds.

Reason to Purchase: Enormous mat distance makes it simple for dogs to maneuver round the SUP.

3. iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board

The iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board is just another one of the greatest SUPs for puppies. Why? Since the board includes a lot of space in 11′ long and 32″ wide. Additionally, the curved nose raises the surface area and creates the plank additional secure – perfect if your furry buddy decides to dip into the water.

And supplies a vast tail, which helps even more with equilibrium. If you are new to paddling and wish to take your pet, this SUP is among the most stable we have ever tested.

Reason to Purchase: Some of the very stable SUPs available on the current market, which is perfect for novices wanting to attract their puppy along.

4. Gold Coast Surfboards – 10’6 Aqua Discover ISUP

Following testing, we discovered that the SUP to be amazingly hardy and provide more than adequate distance for bringing a puppy .

With a massive deck pad, your furry friend will have tons of room to move about and get their bark with this paddleboard. The curved nose raises surface area whilst including a good quantity of stability. Additionally, this SUP supplies a two-year guarantee and can endure over 350 pounds. – more than sufficient for the puppies.

Reason to Purchase: Dramatic all-around paddleboard to attract the puppies !

5. NIXY All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If this board was cheap as some of the others we’ve tested, we would have rated it higher. The board is simply enormous, as it is 33″ wide. That is the broadest board we have tested with this particular piece.

In Addition, the deck pad onto the NIXY All About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is enormous, too. Your puppy will feel as if he is on a ship over a paddleboard. If you appreciate space over anything else, this board may be excellent for your puppy if it is time to SUP.

Reason to Purchase: Absolutely enormous deck pad and fantastic quantity of space.

6. Driftsun Orka Inflatable Paddle Board

You may use it together with your puppy or with different men and women. The board includes a great deal of room.

The board guarantees high performance in almost any sport, and it provides. It is possible to use it in horizontal waters and in tiny waves, and it’ll provide the identical outstanding performance all of the time. It gives the sense of a hardboard but has the extra plus of becoming inflatable.

The Orka includes two inflation valves which facilitate the inflating procedure. The board is made of high-quality substances. It’s also quite stable. This is a result of the broad deck together with a broad tail which increases stability.

Reason to Purchase: Large and can hold up to four people plus gear

7. Driftsun Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board

For the greatest paddling experience, this extra-wide board would be the ideal one for you. It’s produced out of high-quality substances with fantastic workmanship and all of the best accessories. The paddle board provides the utmost stability required when it comes to water sports.

It’s stiff and durable. It can resist being used on various sorts of oceans, and it can hold its own in demanding sports. It’s possible to use the paddle everywhere without the fear of it becoming damaged or torn.

It’s not hard to keep this board as soon as you’re finished with that. Its compact design makes it effortless to store anywhere and in any time. It’s a carry handle in the middle for ease of transport.

8. Great for Two or More Dogs – Driftsun Orka Paddle Board

It is possible to literally float around 3 individuals with this paddle board. It is constructed to be 12′ lengthy, 45″ broad, and 8″ thick. It also includes a 9″ removable centre monitoring fin, a little front bungeed storage compartment, several D-rings across both sides for kayak seats and much more bungeed storage usage, and two pumps

Most inflatable paddle boards are 4-6″ thick, however this particular 8 ″ thickness is enormous. The additional thickness supply greater inflating capacity useful for enhanced buoyancy and load service. The paddle board also includes a considerably big grip pad on the deck that’s very good for your inquisitive pets to move on. For paddlers who wish to attract at least two dogs, then this paddle board is best for you. The multiple D-rings across the side also means that you may take more items on board, such as coolers and massive bags for, say, a fishing excursion. And having the ability to attach kayak seats means having the ability to create your paddle board more comfortable for all those long hours at the open water.

9. Best Paddle Board for Big Dogs – Driftsun Balance

The board includes a fantastic surface area with a much superior grip pad to provide riders much desired grip when balancing or paddling in darkened waters. The paddle board comprises everything required a paddler requirements, such as a journey carry back with wheels, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a coiled shoulder leashplus a removable center fin, plus a manual pump to match the paddle board.

As a result of this huge design of the paddle board, it gives stability greater than many inflatable paddle boards. Even though it’s still vulnerable to waves and water within an inflatable plank, it will considerably better to stay afloat. The huge deck space and grip pad is also ideal for the own pets to walk round on, particularly for the dogs that can not sit still! The carry back pack is also perfect for storage and you’ll be able to roll it to the ground if it’s too thick.

10. Best for Small or Medium Dogs – CBC Hydra Paddle Board

It measures 10’6″ extended by 32″ broad and 5″ thick. The interiors utilize high density EPS, warmth laminated and layered with timber stringers and waterproof resin. The Hydra also includes an adjustable paddle, SUP leashplus a removable center fin, camera mount, plus a cushioned automobile roof rack.

The paddle plank deck does not seem to possess any particular deck grip pad, which means you may want wax or your pad if you would like additional no-slip warranty. But, other owners have remarked how the cap of the board feels pore-like and have experienced no issues with falling, such as with their pet puppies. The paddle board handles nicely, looks cool, and gentle enough to lie on top. Paddlers sensitive to hard surfaces will enjoy this soft high polyurethane paddleboard.

Inflatables Paddle Boards for Dogs or Not?

In the long run, it rests completely on tastes and experiences. Let us take a better look at either side of that which makes inflatable a fantastic selection and the reason why you’d like a hardboard instead.


  • Inflatables are lasting and can ward off things: This is particularly vital for people going river paddling. The demanding and demanding terrain will probably require all of the durability and bounce your inflatable may provide. They weigh next to nothing when compared with solid planks, and may be deflated for carrying along with re-inflated when it is time for paddling.
  • They’re suitable for storage and to keep The inflatable planks may be deflated and rolled up to a carry travel bag. Many inflatables include a back pack, therefore storage in a dry location, prepared for hauling, is simple to accomplish. They also don’t demand much care for upkeep. If a puncture seems, a repair kit may look after it. Otherwise, it is very good for paddling.
  • Reputation to your pet is a great deal easier in an inflatable than the usual difficult plank: PVC is a substance that’s not just exceptionally durable for stone or sea beds, but could also survive nicely against dog claws.
  • Super cheap: in comparison to challenging planks, inflatables are incredibly affordable. You may readily locate boards which are around 50 percent less than asphalt or asphalt boards.


  • Puncture of the board and the wake of the water is obviously a concern: Despite PVC substances function as best that they can be so far, it does not ensure that a puncture won’t occur. Addressing the aftermath sinking ought to be a part of your gameplan if you paddleboard having an inflatable. In addition, it can be unfortunate which punctures are really poor, they leave the paddle boards .
  • Inflatables do not perform in addition to strong, stiff boards: once we speak about performance we’re referring to travel through the water effectively with the least amount of paddling effort along with also the capacity to monitor as directly as you can. Your pet may not be comfortable using a paddle board that he/she struggles to balance on.

Best SUP’s For Paddling With Dogs Buying Guide

There are various outdoor activities Which You Can enjoy with your puppy like camping
Together with your dog. You might even take your puppy out from the water in case you’ve got the ideal rack paddle board for puppies. Listed here are a few critical things which you ought to think about when purchasing the best one. 


It’s crucial to confirm the substance on the paddle board to make sure your dog does not tip. I would advise a substance with a soft shirt to lessen the possibilities of your puppy tilting. It is also possible to start looking for an epoxy board since it’s challenging for the dog to slide if you’ll be spending some time in and out of water with your pet.


The ideal rack paddle for puppies ought to be steady. You require a paddle which can absorb the waves with no tippy feeling, and you may also progress into a quicker touring board. So to grind well you and your furry friend, you want a secure paddleboard.

Capacity and Size

When picking a paddle board, there has to be a maximum potential of approximately 40lbs over the entire burden of you and your pet. It’ll be essential since dogs change in weight.

You and Your Dog

To begin with, you need to be aware of the character and character of your puppy. Every dog has a different spin on attempting new things and particularly in water. You have to be patient because the puppy may not be comfortable putting on the water also may be fearful of water.

You have to have enough abilities to understand the way to paddle well, learn the principles for balancing and find out to tales waves which can come your way. In case you’ve got a fantastic knowledge in paddling, you may, consequently, make the experience for you and your puppy pleasurable.

It is, nevertheless, good to settle on a paddle board that’s inflatable for puppies. Dogs possess claws, and you may be left wondering whether they could puncture your paddle board and induce you and your dog to drop into the water. This is unlikely to occur because the paddle board is constructed from unique materials from other toys. Inflatable boards are secure, can slap anything, and rebound not damaging the plank, which makes them more lasting than any paddleboards. Inflatable planks are

•Greater from water
•It seems secure to the dig
•it’s portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Put A Dog On An Inflatable Paddle Board?

A: Inflatable paddleboards are the perfect boards to utilize with a puppy. They’re extremely secure and have a great grip. On account of this strong material the inflatables are employed for, the dog’s claws will not harm the board.

Q: How Do You Paddleboard Your Dog?

A: You need to begin slowly introducing your puppy to the plank. This helps them get knowledgeable about the board prior to carrying it into the water. In addition, you should be certain your pet can swim before carrying him onto the water.

Then once on the water, then begin with taking the plank out into the water. But leave the puppy on the coast. Hold on the board when you are at the shallow end and then allow the puppy to get on board. Keep your puppy near you constantly, and make sure he does not fall over. Keep it brief, but increase the time out on the water slowly.

Q: What Is The Best SUP For A Beginner?

A: A fantastic rack up paddle for a novice is the inflatable ones. They’re stable and sturdy. They also don’t require a great deal of steering. In addition they have fins which may help steer the paddle.

Q: What Is The Best Stand Up, Paddleboard?

A: The GILI, Atoll, and Driftsun Orka are a Few of the finest inflatable SUPs on the market. Other inflatable planks are excellent. This article review can help show one of the ten finest inflatable boards out there.

Our Closing Thoughts

Paddling with your pup is both a fun and amazing experience. The both of you can share an awesome adventure out in the open water, and you won’t have to feel bad for leaving them behind.

Choosing the right paddle board for your dog and yourself doesn’t have to be difficult, so we hope in this buyer’s guide helps you choose a suitable one for the great times ahead!