Magnet Fishing Laws – Is It Legal?

Is magnet fishing legal?

The legislation on magnet fishing is quite flexible. The practice is of general tolerated and appreciated because it participates in the decontamination of water points.

Around the world, only a French department prohibits magnet fishing. According to the prefecture, practitioners of this fishery are exposed to a real danger of projectile and ammunition recovery. The department of Somme was the scene of many battles during World War II. Last July, two men armed a match grenade. Criminals are subject to prosecution.

Three boys in eastern Germany fished in a pond caps and rusty bullets used during World War II using a powerful magnet. They were lucky: no harm was done. But the authorities warned that this dangerous game could have serious consequences.
The boys called the police when they made their discovery near the city of Ohrdruf, according to the British BBC.

Magnet Fishing Laws

United States

Currently, in the United States, there are no laws (which we know) that restrict this “sport” that is magnetic fishing.

United Kingdom

For the United Kingdom, the 1965 Canal General Trust of the trust declares “no person, unless authorized by the Board in that name or who has the legal right to do so, shall: (d) Dredge or dispose of coal or other material from any channel. “Therefore, as read about magnetic fishing laws, in the United Kingdom this activity is only legal if carried out on private property.

Reminders to stay on the right side of the law

  1. Safety first for you and other people
  2. Weapons, ammunition, grenades, bombs and other weapons must be reported to the police.
  3. Be friendly to the environment: clean up the trash and take your findings with you
  4. Get authorization first before going magnet fishing on private property
  5. Follow the laws
  6. Common sense