Welcome to our guide to magnetic fishing. This guide will be full of information necessary to venture into what magnetic fishing is, what it is, where to start, what are the best places to fish with magnets and much more information!

In this article, I will share the best magnets for fishing with magnets. At the end of this article, I will also give you a buying guide to help you select the best magnet for you.

What is Magnet Fishing?

Every sport has its highlights and magnet fishing is one such lucrative sport. Just like the metal detectors used to search for metal objects on land, potent magnets are used to remove things submerged deep inside the water bodies. Lakes, rivers, and streams are perfect grounds to test the capability of your strong fishing magnets. The brute force of the magnet is easily tested and determined during its usage. Many people consider it their favorite pastime, which soon turns into a hobby that they cannot forget. For the people who are outdoorsy and love the environment, magnet fishing is a thrill-seeking sport that they enjoy pursuing. The enjoyable factor is the adrenaline rush one feels when the person finds something in the depths.

Comparison chart:

NamePulling forceFeaturesRating
575 LBS Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Magnet
575 poundsIdeal as an extremely powerful magnet. Presence of countersunk hole for easy use.4.7/5
Brute Magnetics 880 LBS Round Neodymium880 poundsSecond largest magnet with an eyebolt and countersunk hole present for ease of use.4.5/5
1,200 lbs (Combined) Pulling ForceNeodymium
1200 poundsExtremely powerful with a durable coating and sturdiness.4.9/5
Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium [660 LBS]
660 poundsDual-sided magnetic ability.4.3/5
Wukong 837LBS Super Powerful N52 Round Neodymium Magnet
837 poundsImmense structural strength enables the tasks to be performed naturally.4.3/5
Wukong 407lbs Pulling Force
407 poundsSuperb design and durable coating.4.3/5
DIYMAG Super Strong 330 lbs Neodymium330 poundsPortable and compact along with great strength4.5/5

Magnets For Magnet Fishing [ Fishing Magnet Reviews ]


The best magnet for fishing with a magnet is a neodymium magnet. These types of fishing magnets come in variants of different sizes such as 575 pounds, 880 pounds and 1000 plus pounds of the pulling force. It is by far the most popular type of fishing magnet which even happens to be superior to the others found in the market. The manufacturing company is the famous Brute magnetics which is a big name in the magnets market for a long time. Since the pulling force provided is enormous and comes in a diverse range, it serves its functional efficiency quite optimally.

The magnetic cup-like structure is coated with the alloy of Nickel and copper along with a core made up of neodymium, iron, and boron. The countersunk hole is an additional feature present for improving ease and accessibility. The dimensions of the product are approximately 0.70 inches in thickness and a diameter of 2.95 inches. Further, it displays an M10 variety of eyebolt and a capacity of 6ml present for the thread locker mechanism.

In the case of the 880 pounds variant, the dimensions slightly differ for the steel cup-like structure with a thickness of 0.50 inches. The diameter is approximately 3.54 inches. This variant is considered extremely suitable and durable for brute force and heavy lifting of various types of objects.

The third variant of this type of fishing magnet is the one with the brute force of 1200 pounds. They are very well considered to be the undefeatable and the most impactful instruments in the fishing circuit. The features which make it stand apart from the rest of the magnets are the presence of the dual eyebolts. The diameter of the reinforced steel cup-like structure is 3.7 inches. The extremely convenient dual-sided feature is handy to apply a very high pulling force of 1000 plus pounds.


1.Extremely convenient and easy to use.

2.Suitable and durable for heavy lifting.

3. Brute force comes in handy for lifting and retrieving objects.


  1. Higher the pulling force, heavier is the magnet so it gets difficult to carry it around.


This type of dual-sided neodymium magnet is also superior to the others due to its double-sided magnetic feature. The manufacturer is the UOLOR company that produces undisputable and highly reputed magnets. The pulling force is undoubtedly high at a value of 660 pounds.

Since it is acquainted with different kinds of buoyant forces and water pressure, it can easily be used in various water bodies like the lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Further, because of its dual magnetic feature, it can be used for different types of activities like fishing, pulling and lifting.

The dimensions of the magnet are about 1.18 inches in thickness and 2.63 inches in diameter. The magnet has a coating made of Nickel and copper. The screw for of the eyebolts present is far more superior to the countersunk hole usually present. All of the features, as mentioned above, make the magnet a preferred choice to be used while searching for and retrieving lost objects or those of high value.

Due to its versatile nature, it can be put to different uses with the ease not known to others. The resilience of the magnet is determined in its brute force when applied to a particular activity.


1.Dual-sided magnetic feature makes it convenient and resourceful.

2. It can easily handle different levels of force and pressure.

3. Anti-corrosive coating is a huge benefit.


  1. The screw feature of the eyebolt can get a little complicated to use.



The company: Wukong manufactures this immensely powerful fishing magnet. Amidst the list of powerful fishing magnets to watch out for, this particular variant very well falls in the top three.

The features of the fishing magnet are characterized by the triple coating formed by Nickel and Copper. This form of surface is highly resistant to the formation of rust and forms a protective layer on the magnet. Hence, the functional efficiency of the product is not at all impacted due to the protective coating. The sturdy and durable body of the magnet also does not let the magnetic layer to be affected in any way.

The pulling force of the magnet is maintained at a high value of 837 pounds which is more than enough for all the strenuous tasks of lifting and hanging as well. The superb quality of the material used in the structural framework of the magnet is a primary reason for performing the duties as naturally as possible.

Due to the power involved, the tasks are performed rapidly and conveniently. The superior form and forte of the magnet make any activity performed by the magnet, a truly unforgettable experience. Further, the moments can be cherished wholeheartedly with your family.


  1. The heavy duty pulling force of the fishing magnet makes it highly recommended.
  2. The protective coating is a huge plus point especially while using it in water.


  1. The heavier form of the magnet makes it tedious to carry it around.


Yet another variant from the same manufacturer which goes by the name of Wukong. The pulling force of this magnet is approximately 407 pounds. Just like the one mentioned above, the fishing magnet has many features that can make it a popular choice.

This particular magnet also has triple-layered protection which provides the much-needed cover from rust and attack of other chemicals. Other types of detriments, like unavoidable cracks and chipping off, are also avoided.

The structure and style of the fishing magnet are fluid and highly recommended for multipurpose functions. The eyebolt and the countersunk hole are included together and are preferred for a myriad of tasks like heavy lifting, pulling and searching as well.

The force is focussed at the bottom of the magnet while the steel cups are present at the three ends of the fishing magnet.

The extended durability and reliability of the fishing magnet can be distinctly observed during its usage.


1.The structure and style of the magnet are fluid.

2.Triple layered protection works beautifully against the attack of chemicals and rust.


  1. The shipping and packaging of the magnet can be cumbersome.


This type of fishing magnet pulls at the fifth number of this comprehensive list. Its compact and portable nature imparts to the convenience of carrying the product around.

The dimensions of the magnet can be measured at the value of 2.36 inches in diameter. The steel cup of the magnet is thin and can prove to be very useful for all the nooks and crannies wherein the more giant magnets cannot reach.

The pulling force of the magnet is approximately 330 pounds. Hence, because of the small size and slender nature of the magnet, it is highly preferred to be carried for a short picnic around the park or a lakeside camping trip.

The structure and design of the magnet are well-loved and innovative amongst the detailed list of the fishing magnets. The triple coating mechanism saves the magnet from the detrimental effects of corrosion. The anti-rust coating is made of Nickel and Copper.

Further, the magnetic ability is concentrated in the core, and the pulling force is delimited to the sides.

The strength of the magnet lasts for a long time and is also durable because of its brute force.


1.Extremely compact and portable.

2.Sturdy and innovative design.


  1. Brute force is not high enough to withstand heavy loads and for lifting or pulling as well.

Ultimate buyer’s guide to the purchase of Fishing Magnets

It becomes an arduous task when it comes to choosing the best magnet from the lot. However, the job can get simpler by considering the factors listed below:

Pulling force:

This is the most critical part of the fishing magnet which needs to be checked and understood. With regard to the values of the pulling force, it is always better to be on the higher side. A higher brute force results in a higher chance of lifting heavy objects. Especially in situations where one is unaware of the size and structure of the objects, it is preferable to use a versatile magnet. The multi-functional attributes serve as a useful pointer in determining the brute force. A pulling power in the range of 800-1200 pounds is a must to do the task conveniently.


An anti-corrosive coating has a wide variety of benefits, and this leads to improved longevity of the product. Hence, it is preferred to have a surface of the alloy formed of Nickel and Copper. Once, the cover provides the necessary level of protection, and it is suitable for the durability of the magnet.

Countersunk hole and eyebolt:

Not only the pulling force but also the presence of the countersunk hole and eyebolt helps in the smooth functioning of the magnet. These features help in aiding the lifting and pulling mechanism of the magnet.

Structure and design:

The framework of the magnet needs to be made of high- quality and durable materials which helps a great deal. The plan works in favor of improving the lifetime and quality of the magnets even after rigorous use. The wear and tear are reduced when they are made of sturdy materials.

Setup and Essentials Guide:

Magnet fishing is not as simple as it looks and requires a different skillset with which one can ace the technique. For that purpose, it is preferable to know all about the installation and to set up the equipment. Just like fishing, there are different pieces of equipment used that need to be in place before diving into the actual process.

In the case of fishing magnets, the most crucial piece of the gear is the powerful magnet or the brute magnet which is used for its pulling force. For fishing, the hook, fishing line and bait along with the sinker are the essentials which are what the fishing magnet serves. Further, an essential in magnet fishing is the rope which needs to be as strong as the magnet since the cord is primarily used for pulling up the objects of interest. So the magnet with all of its features works as the hook and the bait while the rope functions as the fishing line.

Magnet fishing usually does not take all the time that a normal fishing process involves but still, it requires resolute determination and strong willpower.

For this, people need to cultivate patience and the resilience to handle the gear along with the equipment provided in the multipurpose kits. People are usually the right level of curiosity but do not know how to apply it to the task at hand. Once you find what you do at the bottom of the lake, you can easily understand the amount of force required to pull it up and the time needed. Hence, once you have decided to get on your feet and spend the afternoon at the lake fishing out the objects present in the depths, go for it. Just do not forget the rope behind because then all you would have a compelling magnet with no means to release and pull it up.

In addition to the rope and the magnet, there are other collection supplies which should be carried along just in case they find is precious and requires proper storage and care. For the cleaning supplies, you would expect a washcloth, an applicator sponge, a hard-bristle brush and a plate to hold the objects.

Further, while you are busy brushing away at the objects, it is better to wear protective gloves since you never really know whether they possess jagged edges or no, which can end up injuring them. Most of the time, the objects are rusted as well due to which it is preferable to use gloves to prevent any physical contact with them.

A storage unit should also be carried so that the objects can be conveniently carried back home. For this purpose, containers are used and sometimes even buckets prove to be helpful, especially when you have over-enthusiastic kids along with you.

Besides this, it is highly recommended to wear waterproof gear like gumboots which will help a great deal if you have to get down and dirty in shallow water. The next essential to carry is and insect repelling ointment or different patches that keep insects at bay and gives the much-needed protection.

The best rope used for magnet fishing has a string of features that need to be adhered to so that the process is relatively more straightforward and uncomplicated. It is better to use a long rope that can descend to depths with no concern of getting lost in the undercurrents. A length ranging from 50 feet to 100 feet can be used. When it comes to tensile strength, a rope made of nylon is the best choice. It is resilient, can withstand heavy loads, stress and pressure, thus making it a good option.

Further, while using the rope, you should be well aware of the type of knot to be used. Thus, the strong knots should not affect the true nature of the line and in turn, impact the pulling force ability of the rope. It is necessary for the cord to highly durable and flexible because it comes of use in sticky situations. For example, if the magnet gets stuck on something and you need to release it from the stronghold, you do require a robust rope which does not quiver under pressure. The whole point of applying a pulling force gets diluted if the cord is not as strong as expected. If the rope is light or thin, then the pulling force affects it negatively. Thus, ensure that the turns in the cord are optimally braided and the grip is reliable to pull up the magnet along with the object.

Tips for magnet fishing:

1)Always make sure that the safety laws and regulations allow magnet fishing, and there is no ban imposed on it. If yes, then you can end up being heavily fined for the activity which can leave a bitter taste about the entire event and result in being an undesirable memory.

2)Ensure that you carry all the protective equipment along with the safety gear and supplies with you whenever you head out on the fishing expedition. Keep the kit in handy and readily available either in the storage area or your car thus ensuring that it is compact and portable.

3)Practice makes a person perfect, so put your best foot forward and try out all kinds of knots on the rope to ensure that the grip is sturdy and unbreakable. Keep the rope knotted and safely stored in a convenient place along with the magnet.

4)Narrow down on a magnet and stick to it since each one has a unique feature for various operations. So, please try out before you decide on purchasing one of your choices. Your task gets more straightforward when you are judged on which one to buy and what is your use for it.

4)Once the magnet is decided on, next on the list is deciding on the place to use the fishing magnets. Always ensure that the site is safe to fish and there is no danger that you or the people along with you are not tormented in any way.

5) The find should be preserved and should not be thrown away if it is not according to your liking. The objects should be stored away safely so that they do not perish and remain preserved appropriately.

Places For the magnet fishing:

Magnet fishing is a getaway for the explorers who are interested to the point that they expect the unexpected. They usually prepare themselves to the hilt and are always up for an adventure. Some of the most extraordinary finds include hand grenades, bullets, rifles, pistols which may or may not have been part of foul play. Imagine turning into Sherlock at your favorite picnic spot. You may also find interesting stuff like cast iron materials, automobile parts, pliers, shovels, etc. Sometimes you may be left wondering whether it is a water body or the flea market for spare parts. Places of historical significance are a new spot just to let yourself go on an explorer’s streak.

As the phrase goes, finders are keepers, and the find is kept safely by the person who has fished it out. Hence, the whole mystery revolving around the fishing magnet results in a tale that would be told and retold at the dinner table for generations to come. Families are always game for such sports and indulge in it as a group which helps them grow better and closer.

It is related to the nature and time of the day when you turn up at the water body, which helps in deciding whether or not it is interesting enough to dive in. The sport is not as adventurous as surfing or scuba diving, but the enjoyment is of the same level and sometimes felt to a greater extent so, it is something that you should try. The enthusiasm and excitement, coupled with it, are worth the time and effort spent.

There have been instances wherein bullets were fished out from the lake just because it was located near an Army training camp which had a shooting reserve situated nearby. Imagine the surprise of the family who fished it out from the lake and were completely unaware of their weird find. Indeed not the treasure hunting that they had in mind. But then again, what is the fun in knowing about what already do and the real thrill lies in the unknown.

Last words

Fishing with magnets is a fun hobby that everyone can enjoy. It’s easy to get started and set up, it’s inexpensive, and it provides hours of outdoor fun. You can never tire of exploring different places to imitate fish, and you can find interesting artifacts from history depending on the places you choose. Finally, be sure to always put safety first and try to bring someone with whom to share the experience.

So, get out your fishing magnets and make it happen!