Magnet fishing, what is it and how is this curious fishing technique performed?

Magnet fishing is a type of fishing that develops both in the sea and in rivers. To be able to carry it out, a neodymium magnet is needed, this is its main and differentiating element. These types of magnets seem small, but they have a lot of strength. You would be surprised at how many kilos you can lift with just one of them, in proportion to your weight or size.

This type of “fishing” varies from what we usually try, since it does not consist of catching fish, but we found it curious to show what it is and how we can do it. It doesn’t really require spectacular preparation and the number of hours you spend at the fishing site is proportional to the number of catches you want to get.

The steps to follow to get all kinds of objects in magnetic fishing are very specific:

Magnet fishing, undercover

The magnet must be tied with the rope on one side and, on the other side, another knot can be made to a backpack or other item that we carry. With this, what we will do is ensure that if the rope escapes from our hands, the magnet will not be lost in the waters because we will have a second grip.

It is also recommended to include several ties so that it does not escape.
When we check that the knot is in perfect condition and the magnet does not escape, then we make a couple of turns with the force of the arm to release the rope in a horizontal launch, as far as we can from our position.

We will try to avoid as much as possible the areas that are too rocky, since it may be the case that the magnet is enclosed in the mass of stones. Removing them from them can become a very complicated mission, so there are many fishermen who choose to abandon their magnets when they get clogged that way.

When we have made the launch we will not notice anything, so it will be necessary to remove the magnet from time to time to see if pieces have been captured. We will observe the different fighters and so we can see what the waters contain where we decided to carry out the activity.
You will be surprised at how many rare and strange objects you can find underwater!

Magnet fishing – What equipment do I need to fish with a neodymium magnet?

You do not need to have too many elements to be able to carry out this unique fishing modality, but if some basic objects are listed below:

Rope: A rope of different lengths is taken, depending on the area where you go fishing. The higher the current, the shorter it should be, so that it does not go far with the magnet and so much force is created that we cannot hold it from our side.

The rope should not be too thick because the interesting thing is that it moves through the water without opposing too much resistance. The price of these ropes is not very high; Any fisherman can afford it and in fact, we advise them as part of any fishing accessories kit.

To consider

Neodymium magnet: On the other hand, we obviously need the neodymium magnet. This can be purchased at fishing stores or, if you already know the model that will interest you, you can make a purchase on any digital platform, where you also find them.

Appropriate clothing: It is also important to wear appropriate comfortable clothing for each time of the year. If we have a fishing wader or monkey, it is recommended that it be used for fishing with magnets.

This is due, above all, because if we go in a slightly cooler time and the magnet gets stuck, we will have to enter the water to be able to recover it.

In this type of fishing, in addition, “treasures” are sought for all nearby areas and, therefore, it is common to make launches from both sides of the river, going from one side to the other of the river, protected mainly by the fishing monkey. For the same reason, non-slip footwear is also essential.

Slides: It is recommended to bring jars where we can put everything that adheres to our fishing magnet. So that we can have everything in an orderly way and at hand and, thus, when we go to prepare the backpack to leave the place, we do not leave anything, you will not want to lose this treasure or old pieces that have cost you so much to find!

Backpack: If the backpack had compartments it would also be something important, since the classification of objects if there are not too many, can also be done here.

Accessories: Then, you should include other accessories that any fisherman would take depending on the place and the fishing you have in mind. You should not forget, either, wear warm products or to fight against heat, such as a cap or protective cream.

This is already the choice of each fisherman when preparing his backpack and consider depending on the area and the weather.