How To Hold A Catfish Without Getting Hurt

If you’re a fisherman but haven’t caught a catfish, you don’t understand the pain. I’m sure you know the horrible surprise a catfish can give you with its fins and that’s why you’re here.

That means you may be thinking, how do you hold a catfish without being finned?

Well, there are proper ways to hold a catfish without being finned.

Here I’m going to share the proper way to hold a fish without being bitten.

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So How Should You Hold A Catfish?

Just stick to the next rules before holding a catfish and you’ll have the ability to prevent it easily.

Get the bottom catfish in place.

If for some reason you cannot grasp the prey from behind, slightly modifying the position of your hand will allow you to grab it safely from the other side. This time, cover the belly of the fish with the palm of your hand and bring your thumb around so that it is at a safe distance from the spine. Then, anchor your fingers behind the pectoral spines where they cannot prick you.

Locate the fin spines

Before you start grabbing at random, it’s important that you understand precisely what you’re trying to prevent. All freshwater fish have small, pointed spines that originate from the front edge of the dorsal fin (the one on the trunk) and the pectoral fins (the ones just behind and on either side of the mind). Because of this, it is necessary to keep your hands away from the front of your fins constantly.

Holding The Smaller Catfish :

Holding the little catfish is simpler than holding the significant one. However, it doesn’t indicate they are not harmful. Their smaller spines can behave like needles and thus you want to be very careful when handling them.

When you grab a little catfish you can just hold the fish from the line and catching catfish tail to get around these needle-like spines.

Holding The Big Catfish:

You have to be very careful when holding a huge catfish. You have to understand where to set your finger and hands from the fish so as to prevent get finned. In addition, you should understand how to raise the fish and alter your hand’s position when required.

If you understand exactly where the fins are and which ones are worse than others.

Proper Placement Of The Hand:

Before holding a catfish you need to place your hand properly. The positioning of your hands will ascertain whether you will get finned or not. At first, you have to understand exactly what you should avoid before holding it.

All types of catfish have small pointed fins. These small fins emerge from the very front of the dorsal and pectoral fins of fish. So you constantly have to prevent holding the front edges of the fins.

You need to grip it in the top by placing your hand place between thumb and index against the dorsal fin. Allow the dorsal fin break between your index and middle finger and place your thumb just behind the pectoral fin.

Modifying Your Hand Position:

If you cannot grip it in the cited way you need to modify your hand standing by holding it in the trunk. How can you do that?

Simply cover the fish’s belly with your palm and rest your thumb in such a way so that it is placed in a safe distance from its dorsal spine. Then place your finger just behind the pectoral fin so that it cannot jab you.

While lifting the catfish you need to squeeze the fish firmly but softly. You have to grab it by providing pressure equally so that it does not slide away from your hand. Y

Our grip should be repaired and when necessary you may produce a few minor adjustments while holding it. If you catch it correctly you do not need to worry about it if you lift it.

Utilizing Another Hand:

You may use your other hand to get support because big catfish can be exceedingly tricky to handle because of its own weight. So since you keep your hand on the front of the catfish, placing another on the tail will probably make it a lot simpler to lift it. It is going to also allow you to control the fish when it starts to thrash around.

Releasing The Catfish:

You have to be very careful when discharging the catfish. The way that you hold it while releasing it will determine whether you will have the ability to save your self from getting finned or not.

You might want to release it upon the onboard cooler or you may want to return back to the lake, in the two times you want to reduce the catfish to the water amount and reduce your grip in slow motion. Just take care not to brush your hand on the fish’s back.

Wearing Gloves:

Though wearing gloves will not help you acquire the same sensitivity rather than wearing one, still, if you’re a new angler you can wear hardy gloves to protect your skin from the fins.

While unhooking the fish at first you will need to secure the hook. Then set your palms below the fins just as I told you before and then hold the fish securely so that it does not slip out or shake the top part of the human body. Then simply remove the hook in the mouth of the fish.

Release the catfish carefully

Whether you’re destined for an onboard fridge or have decided to return it to the depths, you’ll have to be careful about releasing it. Lower the catfish so it’s as close to the water as possible. Loosen the grip with a gentle movement, being careful not to let your hand touch the fish’s back.

Seek medical attention for a catfish bite

If you or someone on your expedition has a spinal injury, go to a hospital immediately. The doctor will know the best way to clean and dress the wound to prevent infection. In the meantime, rub the affected area with warm water and antibacterial soap and keep gentle pressure on it to slow down the bleeding.

How To Safely Hold This Fish


If you follow the steps correctly and can catch it successfully, you don’t have to worry about holding it later. You will have the ability to hold it correctly without effort. But always be careful, some larger catfish can break the skin when they bite.