Crappie Fishing With Minnows and Bobber | Hook a Minnow For Crappie

For fishermen, “small fish” refers to any small fish used as bait, which may or may not be a member of the minnow family. Minnows are a common baitfish for species such as bass, blue marlin, type of fish, brown trout, pike, pike, and muskellunge.

Minnows are more effective as ram fish when they are hooked correctly; the correct way to hook a minnow depends on how you plan to catch it.

Hooking up the Minnow

When it comes to attracting good predators, this is one way to get a bite, but for that to happen people must know how to place the small animal on the hook, otherwise it will not succeed.

Using fish as bait is a clear sign of two things, firstly that you do not want to return the species you get and secondly that you are looking for a good-sized specimen, since the bait used is usually to attract large predators.

It is therefore important to know well how to place the fish on the hook so that it becomes an attraction for other species. It is worth clarifying that it is preferable that the fish is kept alive throughout this process since if it loses its life it will not be the same and will lose its attractiveness.

Fishing minnows through the tail

The way to introduce the hook in the fish is first to pass a needle through its back from the tail to the beginning of the head, from right to left or vice versa. With it will go the hook that may be facing either side, this will allow the bait can swim freely and thus attract the attention of large predators.

Hook through the top back & both lips

In the case of trolling, two hooks can be placed, one that goes through the lip of the bait and another that goes through its belly. The first one must be in a ring terminal so that the line can pass through there.

A trick that is very good for these cases is to place in the line a bait terminal with sardine paste or something similar, this will attract small specimens to eat, which will disguise the presence of the fish hooked in the hook and will monopolize the attention of some bigger predator.

When the predator approaches, those that have been feeding will move away and our bait will be left so that the larger animal will fall into the trap. For this type of bait, you can use lists, mojarras, sardines and some others.

It is important to see that the size of the hook does not exceed the size of the bait. These species can be bought by quantity in some fishing houses or caught depending on the area chosen.

Another thing to take into account is that if there is no bite for a certain time, you have to pick up the line and change the bait. This is because the animal may be dead or have lost its attraction to predators and so hours can pass without anything happening.

Trying to catch fish as bait requires a good knowledge of how to do it, because when you sacrifice the life of a small animal, at least you have to succeed so that it is not in vain.

The Way to tie slip bobber for deepwater crappie

Insert the line through the black tube

Start by just pushing the cut end of the fishing rope during the tube that is black. Pull a few feet of rope through the pole and off from the slide.

Pull the slip off the tube and toward the reel

After yanking the fishing line through the tube, then you wish to divide the slide from the tube. Take the plastic tubing and pull it away from the pole and thoroughly off the ground. That you need to pull the slide toward the pole rather than the black plastic tubing. Otherwise you are going to have that tube over your slide and stuck onto your own line.

Pull both ends of the slip tightly and add bead

Grab the label ends of the slip and pull tight. Do not pull it blossom tight, so you still need the capability to correct the position of the slide at stake.

You really do need to pull it tight, however.

Instantly insert the bead after yanking the slide tight. You can’t add this after.

Insert slip bobber onto fishing line

Slip bobbers are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Generally, the shirt has a little hole and the base has a far bigger hole. Make certain and insert the little hole on the line. The best hole is intended to be smaller since that’s where it matches the stop.

Attach a jig head or a hook and sinkers, or both

As you can see in the image above, the options are endless when it comes to incorporating a bait and hook.

It is possible to attach a fishing hook as above using a sliding shooting plate or a jig head. Some anglers enjoy having a jig head with live minnows or even a plastic lure. Both approaches work. If you would like to use live minnows on a hook such as the examples above use a thin wire hook and 1/4 oz sinkers. You need enough weight to throw the minnow out.