Top 6 Best Drill For Ice Auger – [Top Drills]

As winter freezes the waterways as the lakes cover the fish below, it is time to go ice fishing equipped with a drill to drill through the thick ice sheets, uncover the water below and reach the fish.

Every time you need to try a fishing spot, you will be looking for your drill. For beneficial and enjoyable ice fishing sessions, it is imperative to have the best drill that is reliable, simple to use and equipped to drill holes quickly and productively.

Below, we have tested our predominant options of the best drill for ice auger available on the market.

They include gas, hand, and battery drills and are all top of the line, equipped with solid, sharp edges, and have proven themselves in the incredibly cold condition of ice angling.

We also have a purchasing manual to help you find out which drill is best for you.

Ready to get started? Let’s do it.

Top Drills for Ice Auger 

  • Eskimo Pistol Auger
  • K-DRILL 8″ Auger
  • Nils Cordless drill auger – Power Tools Drill Driver
  • Strike Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger
  • Eskimo Hand Auger
  • Strikemaster Ice Fishing Hand Auger

How to Choose The Best Drill

So how would you decide the best drill for ice for yourself? I will show you the variables to consider so that you can decide the right choice that you will gladly use for a while.


The choice you’ll have to make is what type of ice drill to choose. Here I show you the varieties available:

Manual ice drill

Manual ice twist drills are physically worked by rotating the handle and applying a specific amount of weight downwards. They are anything but difficult to use, solid, efficient, light, compact and generally peaceful.

Gas feed auger

The gas augers are equipped with incredible brushless motors and more, with sharper bits so they can cut through very thick ice like a hot blade through butter.

They are perfect for ice fishermen who need to penetrate some huge openings quickly and easily.

The disadvantage of ice gas augers is that they are regularly substantial and cumbersome, so they are difficult to move, noisy during activity, transmit smoke and exhaust, require a ton of support and are expensive.

Propane Ice Drill

Propane drills are mostly four-stroke engines and use propane to work. In contrast to gas drills, they are lighter, cleaner, run unobtrusively and are equally fast.

Cordless ice drill

Electric ice drills depend on the lithium-ion battery to operate. They are less innovative than gas-controlled ones, but they are also fast and perfect for small openings.

In general, they will be lighter than gas drills and easier to transport.


You will discover blades of 4.5″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ or cross-sectional diameters. The size that best suits your needs will depend on the types of fish you focus on or are likely to land. A medium cut edge from 8″ is the most adaptable size.

The length of your ice auger should be enough to penetrate through the ice sheets. The mobile size is perfect, as it allows you to modify the ice to suit the thickness of the ice and your own height.


The heaviness of the ice is a significant factor to consider. A light ice screw is critical in the possibility that you will walk a long way to get to your fishing spot or travel through the ice a ton bringing your drill. Manual drills are the lightest, powered by electric ice screws. Gas drills are the heaviest and expect to be dragged on a sled or in a vehicle where the thickness of the ice makes it safe to do so. A lightweight twist drill is also easier to use and to carry on your wrist.

Cutting Edges

It is critical to focus on the quality and strength of the sharp edge. Sharp edges must be sufficiently capable of withstanding the mileage of an ice cut. Disposable cutters have a smooth, sharp edge that melts through ice quickly and accurately. Cutting edges have sharp, jagged teeth that cut through the ice quickly.


You need a twist drill with bits long enough to cut through the ice and one that fits your height so you can drill the openings smoothly. The drill for ice auger has flexible sizing handles or comes with a magnification that allows you to alter the height to suit the thickness of the ice and your own height.


The best drill auger should not be difficult to assemble and work with. The length should be flexible to suit various heights. It must be designed to remain stable on the surface during the activity. We recommend that you have ergonomic handles to facilitate control of the wood screw. It also has to be lightweight to anticipate fatigue.


The cordless drill for ice auger will come with essential accessories, such as a blade guard for safety, an extension to adjust the height according to the thickness of the ice and your personal height, and a cover for the motorhead if you are using an electric auger.


Manual and electric augers are light and easy to move when they bounce, starting with one ice opening and then the next, and are also protected when the ice is not excessively thick. Gas drills are the heaviest and require a sled or vehicle and thick ice to transport them effectively and safely.

Hammer drills are necessary?

Are they? A lot of folks would say that what you require for ice is the ideal hammer drill. They have greater torque evaluations and will normally have beefier gearing inside of these but moreover, there are not any greater benefits of hammer drills. Only a drill is going to be a fantastic choice too.

If You Choose to Buy hammer drill, Make Certain to do the following:

  • You shouldn’t in any way utilize the hammer choice! Ensure your hammer drill is the place to drill when you begin creating holes. The reduced rate is a choice that you choose for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Crank the torque setting manner up-more torque is a much better choice, and for heavy-duty jobs, we pick more torque and reduced rate.
  • Make certain that your blades are sharp-this is extremely important to check before going to go fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions when buying ice drills for fishing

What is an auger?

It is a manual drilling device intended to penetrate through an assortment of materials, for example, earth and ice.

Ice fishermen use an ice auger to quickly and skillfully make fishing openings in frozen waterways.

Why do I need an ice drill?

Throughout the winter, the bodies of water freeze, completely covering the fish below.

How many holes can a power drill make before the battery runs out?

The standard electric drill will drill 25-30 holes through 12 ice chunks on a single battery charge.

Are augers safe?

Ice augers are suitable for use in solidified ice as long as the safety regulations for ice fishing and the welfare suggestions of the producer are met.

To begin with, you may go out and use the ice auger when the thickness of the ice is protected. In addition, it is essential to ensure that the weight of the twist drill is adequate for transport and use, given the thickness of the ice.

In conclusion

With the alternatives of gas, electric and propane ice drills, you have numerous options for finding your best drill for Ice auger near your home for angling.

In addition, it is very important to have an endless number of manual feeds as reinforcement. Have a good time on the ice and make sure you stay warm and safe!