Best Crappie Lures and Baits – Jigs, Spinners, Spoons & Fly Fishing

Today, we’re going to discuss the main lures for catching Crappie. In terms of fishing, there is a massive selection of approaches to fishing in addition to a myriad of baits. Although live bait can be very powerful, we will concentrate on artificial baits that are proven to catch Crappies. Each has its powerful adherents.

Trying to choose the best baits for any given fishing day can be tricky. If you’ve been down the aisle at your local store you know there are endless ridiculous lures and attractions to choose from.

After you make your decision about which one to select you then need to pick one of around ten distinct colors, which always ends up to be one that the crappie is not biting that day. With all these factors to take into account — water clarity, depth, year, construction, strategy, weather and so forth, it makes it difficult to whittle down your options.

Clearly you may catch crappie (in addition to another bass) on virtually anything if you put insufficient time, but I am here to inform you what works well for most crappie fishermen (like me). Ask any expert crappie fisherman exactly what their favorite crappie rig is and they will probably cite minnows or jigs.

Sometimes you will hear spinners and crankbaits being thrown around also. Even though the suitable lure/bait choice actually depends upon lots of factors, here are some things that are usually thought of as the best crappie lures from the jig, minnow, spinner, and crankbait types.

Spinners, jigs and other baits are all utilized by crappie aficionados. We are going to discuss a few of these, and how to fish them under specified conditions. But, what’s crappie? Where do they reside? And why all the fuss about this tiny fish?

The Best Crappie Fishing Lures

The crappie is a panfish native to North American freshwaters. Occasionally called”papermouth” due to its tender mouth, or cherry bass, speckled bass, speckled perch along with other denominations, the title crappie derives by the Canadian French crappé, or carpet, which relates to a number of sunfish.

There are just two species, among the”white crappie,” another, the”black crappie.” Originally restricted to the Eastern United States and reduced Canada, these fish are now located nearly nationally, especially in farm ponds, rivers and lakes. For our purposes their crappie as the gaps between them are minimal and we’ll only refer to”crappie.” These fish are tightly linked to bass.

Crappie Sizes

Typically, crappie grows to approximately 10 inches from nose to tail and weigh from a half-pound to a pound. World records for both species have been over five lbs. Many nations have limitations of dimensions and choose, so you need to consult your nation’s Fish and Wildlife Service prior to angling.

Crappie is fished year long; they’re a favorite quarry of ice fishermen in certain oceans. They’re also quite good to consume: that the meat is white, flaky and mild-flavored. In this writer’s opinion, they’re much superior table fare compared to are now bass. Since crappie is small, light fishing tackle is your best bet; utilizing ultralight, with two to 4lb test line makes fishing for crappie good sport.

Crappie Fishing Tactics

Many fishermen alter their crappie strategies according to the year: in the spring, the crappie is spawning or planning to spawn. They try to project themselves onto the gravel beds where they spawn. If they’re grouped in layers, then use more than one lure, and then two feet apart.

In the summer, fish from shallower waters where there’s more oxygen, and they also use faster recovery. In hot weather, they’re also further apart. In the winter, stuffed fish still feed but are extremely lethargic; they will rarely chase a lure, so they fish slowly. However, in winter they go to college, so once they get a snack they are likely to continue to do so.

Some rules of thumb for crappie fishing:

  • When fishing clear water, utilize natural-colored lures.
  • Once the sun is out and there’s mild from the water, then use colored baits.
  • In darker water deeper or murkier, use vivid colors to draw their attention.
  • Once the water is chilly, fish gradually.
  • On cloudy, overcast days, use abrasive bodies but make sure you present something that cries, including a gold or silver spinner blade, or even a colored tail to pull their attention.

A point to always remember when fishing for crappie: they have very soft mouths (recall, they are occasionally known as papermouths!), so placing the hook may be a delicate operation: if you put it too difficult or use a rigid pole you may tear the fish’s mouth.

Best Crappie Lure Categories

We understand something about the crappie, we’ll review some of those best-loved baits for catching this tiny gamefish. For ease of inspection, we have grouped the baits into classes, but quite frequently the lines between them are blurred. It has to be known that the choice of bait is dependent upon several factors, the majority of which we likely do not know and we believe we do.

But surely, water clarity, temperature, thickness, time-of-year in addition to vegetation and makeup of the floor are all significant things in crappie feeding behavior.

It appears to be generally accepted that the top types of baits for catching crappie are jigs, spinners, and minnows and crankbaits. To complicate things, a few may be utilized together with one another; for instance, a rotation bait using a jig. We are going to start with jigs.

Spinnerbaits for Crappie

These baits receive their designation from the one or more metal blades which are formed to twist in the water once the bait has been recovered. The movement creates varying levels of vibration and flash, thus simulating little fish or other food resources. There are several kinds of spinnerbaits, like the”in-line spinner” and also the”safety pin” spinnerbaits in addition to others.

Best Crappie Lures, Jigs, and Bait

Southern Pro 541Piece Pro Crappie Tube Kit

It should be noted that this article was created with the highest quality using high-quality substances. The Southern Pro 271 crappie kit manufactured by Southern Pro is a masterpiece when it comes to fishing. It should be noted that the kit has a box with 18 compartments which is a fantastic bargain for the amount paid by the customers. Experience the distinction between conventional fishing and deep-sea fishing for this impressive gearbox kit.

Johnson Beetlespin

It may be fished just like a conventional spinnerbait, using a varying recover, or it may be fished under a float and utilized to pull fish suspended from the water. Ideal conditions with this bait: overcast weather, ideally with a little breeze, which compels a fantastic twist on the blade. Twist it (not too!) Brushpiles, close stumps or other construction and recover slowly. Sometimes give your wrist a fast jerk.

Eagle Claw Crappie Jig

This item is really a value for money deal and the clients will be ensured with top quality and endurance from the producer. It really reaches the marketplace with 6 bits per retail. It’s offered in several color choices and everything you need to do would be to catch the most appropriate color to create your hunt. It must be said that this Crappie Jig is quite simple and easy to use.

Mepps Aglia and Dressed Aglia

A favorite of this writer for many basses, it’s illegal to use in public waters in France due to its efficacy. For crappie, utilize small dimensions, this type of”0″ and”1″ Plain spinners present a smaller profile to the bass than dressed ones, great for catching crappie. Attempt silver blades on overcast days, gold-colored blades once the sun is out.

They Can Be Found in single and treble hooks. As always, we urge cutting or filing off the barb. Treble hooks pose a bigger profile therefore, the writer favors using pins.

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

The newest name”Worden” is attached to fishing in the USA. They’ve been the pioneers of researching new heights for fishing inside the USA. This item could include great value to its own collection. The spinner arrangement makes it ideal for your purpose and also the producer guarantee high quality and durability for this super item. This item is offered in a number of colors and you may easily fool the fish to make the most of it.

South Bend Crappie Spinner

These well-used spinners are accessible with blades sporting brilliant colors and patterns, or silver. A well-constructed shaft divides the blade out of the treble hook, that can be covered by red vinyl to attract a hit. Assorted crappie spinners can be found in three-packs, six-packs and in larger quantities. Utilize 1/8oz and 1/12oz or smaller if you’re able to locate them.

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 04 Fishing lure

This is the very simple plastic version of the renowned Shad Rap. It must be said that the”distressed little” signal tide is at the perfect decibel range to be noticed by everybody. The lightweight body does not place much weight on your equipment and in the procedure; it makes things quick and provides excellent control to the consumer. The VMC Nickel pins featured inside products are an excellent eye-catching option it carries. It might run to a thickness between 4-6 meters.

Crappie Magnet Fin Spin Jig Head Set

This lure comes at a”kit” to provide the fisherman flexibility of demonstration. The jig head has big eyes.

The human body’s unique shape looks like a shad; a cup onto the front part of the lure generates resistance from the water; it’s a split tail made to create is remain directly on the hook and a long blade which produces less flash and vibration. The bait is offered in many different colors.

WildEye Live Crappie Fishing Lures (Storm)

It must be said that this dwell crappie has been pre-rigged using a high-quality VMC® powered needlepoint hook and unique treble tummy hook. The exceptional color patterns and the body contour make this the perfect item for clear-water presentations. This item weighs just 25 oz. The 3 pack version is a fantastic carry-out alternative for the fishing fans who wish to explore new dimensions of fishing.

Fly Fishing For Crappie

Ah, those fly fishermen, in a category of their own! Although beyond the scope of this guide, fly fishing is just another enjoyable way to catch crappie. The sport of fly fishing seems poetic and tasteful. The appropriate presentation of a moist or dry fly may be irresistible to some hungry crappie. Due to their flat, curved shape, they set up a solid fight, a fantastic game on a mild fly-line. Experts indicate dry flies will be the best when the water is calm and still and the sun is shining. Sarah Siddons of HowStuffWorks indicates:

After hatching, smaller fish that are feeding in the surface for insects are ideal candidates for your dry fly — only ensure that your fly color contrasts with what the fish are feeding.
Crappie is occasionally skittish, especially in early spring. Fly fishing is an excellent alternative to heavier baits since the fly is really mild and discreet. Make sure you try out this game away from overhanging brush and trees!


Jigs are becoming among the best crappie baits because of their wide selection, flexibility, and flexibility. A frequent rig set up for jigs is a 1/16 ounce jig attached directly to the 2-4 pound test line. When using a plastic jig, a direct head will initially have to get placed into the plastic body via the head and from the tail.

Early winter and spring are great times to use huge jigs since baitfish are usually on the bigger size also. Throughout winter, don’t forget to maintain the jig movement really slow on account of the crappie’s diminished metabolism. This may be accomplished by picking a floating or smaller lead-head or using the thicker line. Massive jigs may also be used when fishing for bigger crappie generally…but keep in mind, you will most likely catch less fish all around!


It’s normal to hook the minnow either through the trunk (close dorsal fin) or throughout the lips. Use a mild, bendable hook to prevent snags and also to prolong minnow life. Don’t forget to dimension the hook into your minnow; smaller hooks (No. 6-2) for smaller minnows and bigger hooks (No. 1 around 1/0 or 2/0) for big minnows. Use sufficient weight to just keep 1/4 of those bobber water. Crappie will generally swim upward at a minnow, increasing the bobber and so alerting you. A slip bobber makes life simpler when fishing deeper water in the winter and summer. Read Crappie Fishing using Minnows to acquire thorough methods and tactics with this particular bait.


Spinners are excellent if you would like to cover a massive area. Jigs and minnows are often cast to a particular place, then just sit there or are jigged. Together with spinners, you can cover a large amount of water by always casting to various stains and regaining. This makes them among the most flexible and among the best crappie lures. You need to take care once you regain to perform it only fast enough to twist the blade. Experiment with a steady retrieve and regaining with pliers to find out what works best.


Crankbaits, such as spinners, are excellent for covering lots of water. Crankbaits work nicely for fishing hot water also, because of their weight. This is very good throughout the summer through winter when crappies are usually hanging out from deeper regions. Crankbaits are usually trolled also. This works great together weed beds, lake stations, or other underground structures. Diving crankbaits are great to use while you’re after a particular depth. Lipless crankbaits can dive into whatever thickness you would like and swim using an enticing wiggle.