How Can YOU Catch More Or Bigger Catfish?

I get about 50 emails per week that state “will you send me a few catfishing tips” and more so I am doing something somewhat different than the standard catfishing tips videos today.

Over the last 14+ years as a professional catfish guide I have learned a lot on the way. I have had some wonderful successes (and a few horrible failures too ) but I have heard from both and they have made me a much better angler.

I attempt to learn from what I have done along with the many hours on the water and then share this information with other people so that they do not need to go through exactly what I did.

Obtaining a lot of questions will provide me a fantastic sense for what sort of questions that you have at this time, what catfishing tips you’re searching for and the way I can help you catch more and larger catfish by covering the ideal catfishing tips!

Additionally, I would like to find out whether there are just one or two themes that appear to get lots of copying questions or a great deal of popularity, I am planning to do something quite different here in the coming months and your queries can allow me to determine the leadership.

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Catfishing Tips: What Do You Need to Learn?

All you’ve got to do is to leave a comment with a query or a fast review of the catfishing tips you’re searching for.

Ask me anything about catfishing, the sky’s the limit……

When it is a question concerning catfish bait, tackle, equipment, rods and reels, methods, boats, finding fish, sonar, even when you would just like to understand something about me, you name it, don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

Someone emailed me the other day and asked me what type of underwear I favored for fishing.

That is most likely the strangest question I have ever gotten. It is even more peculiar that I answered it.

Do not be concerned about holding back. You may ask me any question you desire.

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