Circle Hooks for Catfish: Why & How to Use Them for Fishing

Which hook should you utilize to catch Catfish?

Circle hooks are the best hooks to catch a catfish. You can make use of a size 7 or 8 circles hook with a 3 or 4 oz weight over a swivel and also a liter on the other side of the swivel with a 1ft to 2ft liter of a line as well as the circle hook attached at the end.

My go-to catfish hook is 4oz on sinker slide, bead, barrel swivel 2ft 50lb leader 8/0 to 10/0 then live bream or fifty percent shad, circle for blues J hook for flatheads.

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Where to get Catfish Hooks?

I get my circle hooks right from Amazon and also below is a web link to get them.

By using the ideal catfish lure together with the ideal hook and fishing skills I am dead sure that you will catch your beast catfish.

Top Heavy-duty Catfish Hooks

Often you may require a durable Catfish hook to catch 20+ pounder catfish and also for them, I obtained a special hook

  • Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook
  • Mustad Classic Forged Duratin Tarpon Hook

Why Circle Hooks are best to Catch Catfish?

Personally, I such as circle hooks due to the fact that they hold cut lure pretty well, and the hooks are created to move under the lip so less complicated to get hooked when the catfish strikes it.

They catch extra fish however they are most definitely better for the catfish when bait angling period. Less intestine hooks and so on. Some more advantages:

  • Boosted mortality
  • Easy hook collections
  • Fairly easy unhooking
  • No intestine hookups
  • Lure slides on perfectly

Final thought

I have actually attempted my finest to detail all the vital topics associated with catfish hooks in addition to why circle hooks are just absolute beasts when it comes to fishing for catfish.

Hope you take advantage of this short article and also boost your catfish angling skills.

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