Circle Hooks for Catfish: Why & How to Use Them for Fishing

Circle Hooks for Catfish

Circle hooks are the best hooks to catch a catfish. You can make use of a size 7 or 8 circle hook with a 3 or 4 oz weight over a swivel and also a litre on the other side of the swivel with a 1ft to 2ft liter of line as well as the circle hook attached at the end.

Cleaning Catfish: Easy Steps to Clean and Cook a Catfish

How to Clean Catfish the Easy Way

Some people make the task of cleaning up catfish much more difficult than it needs to be. Even when it is a huge fish, the task of cleaning it can be made quite easy by using the right techniques. If you have difficulty catching a catfish, I recommend you try several of the suggestions for attracting catfish that I have tried directly.

Tips On Jugging For Catfish

Jugging For Catfish

If you’d like to catch twice as many catfish as before, you can go juggle the catfish. This is a fishing technique that used to be practiced on the Mississippi River. Many anglers are happy to catch many fish, however, due to overfishing, fishing regulations and overly concentrated traffic, it has been banned in many larger rivers.

How To Spool Braided Fishing Line

How To Spool Braided Fishing Line

I have a love hate connection with braided fishing line for catfish. It’s great for certain applications however it’s an absolute discomfort to fish with.

How to Cast a Baitcaster: Steps to Learn Baitcasting

How To Use A Baitcaster Reel

The ideal way to throw a baitcaster is to create your throw, reel your lure up, and observe your lure once it strikes the apex. Then, watch because of its downward fall that’s when you gradually begin applying pressure to the spool. Eventually, as it strikes the water gradually block the spool.

Spoonbill Catfish

Spoonbill Catfish - Paddlefish

Paddlefish, also referred to as spoonbill, have long, paddle-shaped rostrums which are about one-fifth the length of the they bodies.

How many types of catfish are there in the world?

how many different types of catfish are there

There are 40 types of catfish families on the planet and above 3000 catfish species which exist. Out of those 40 types, just 39 are still living and 1 specifically Andinichthyidae Catfish Species have gone extinct.

Best Places in the World to Catch Monster Tarpon

Tarpon is among the most sought-after inshore, big-game bass, the tarpon puts a stubborn and dramatic fight, frequently leaping up to ten feet from the water. It is hard to hook due to its tough, jagged mouth.

How To Throw A Cast Net From A Kayak

How To Throw A Cast Net From A Boat

Ever tried throwing a cast net in the boat?

t is really pretty effective as soon as you practice it a couple times…

As you are probably aware, grabbing your bait can help save you a lot of money compared to purchasing lure out of a bait store (just to have it expire within one hour of fishing).

Additionally, you might get into the bait store and they might be fresh from live bait fish, did not get a delivery nonetheless, or anything other reasons they might throw at you.

That is why I decided I was going to find out how to throw a cast net from a boat.

How To Throw a Cast Net The Easy Way

How To Throw a Cast Net

The way to throw a cast net the effortless way with simple easy to follow directions. This is the previous tutorial and pair of suggestions you will want to learn how to throw a cast net.